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To have a combination of a rigid plate and a security door, sliding security doors use a stainless steel mesh in a patented system that mounts to a protected frame. At a reasonable price, you can buy protective panels that do not break and break easily and have an innovative design to protect fragile glass doors. The sliding security door market in Iran is very colorful and diverse, confuses most buyers and Makes the choice difficult for them. Therefore, our group is by your side from consulting to executing all kinds of ready-made doors and custom doors you want to bring to the production and execution stage and provide your loved ones’ satisfaction.

Top Sliding Security Doors Premium Contributor

Are Sliding Patio Doors Secure?

Are Sliding Patio Doors Secure? Sliding patio security doors are a strong, strong and smooth polymer that weighs little and when making profiles, this polymer is placed in several layers and has high structural strength. This low weight and high strength make these materials suitable for making patio sliding doors and can be used. In this type of doors will be reinforced with body and multi-point locks will be installed for more security. The operation of the door assembly is very simple, unlock and the door hinges will move sideways on the rails. Double sliding security doors are one of the most widely used doors in buildings, the movement of these doors is done in a rail direction in a horizontal direction on rollers. Passive sliding door can be produced in various colors. Any color that matches the decoration and design of the installation site can be ordered and used for years without any changes.

Which Is Safer French Doors or Sliding Doors?

Which Is Safer French Doors or Sliding Doors? There are different types of sliding doors and windows, and each person can order the appropriate door and window according to their needs. French sliding doors and windows are a beautiful solution for spaces where there is limited space and the person is looking for more light to enter the interior of the house. Due to their stylish and unique design, you can enjoy increased energy efficiency and Turn your home into a pleasant space. The main feature of a French door is that it is a pair of windows or a double door that opens from the middle, either inwards or outwards. Inside the French door frame, there are several special glass panels that give them a classic look and make them more attractive day by day. French sliding doors open from the center to both sides and there is no difference in their performance with French doors.

With the use of French sliding doors, you can easily feel comfortable in terms of safety, security and energy efficiency. Because in their construction, the standard points are well observed and they have high security and keep you safe from physical injuries. In addition to insulation, it also has anti-theft doors. And by using a complete perfect security door , you can easily prevent energy wastage. Because these doors are fully insulated against heat and cold and do not allow energy to be wasted.

Unique Sliding Security Doors at Market

Unique Sliding Security Doors at Market Like other sliding doors, it depends on the price of the profile used, the quality of the fittings and the double glazing. The main factor in determining the price of these doors is the consumable sliding profile, because the sliding profile is larger than other profiles. Most manufacturers and sellers produce security doors in various dimensions. And the concern of custom dimensions is created because the old doors do not have fixed and defined dimensions, which is why the buyer is required to choose a door that fits the dimensions of the previous door and only chooses various designs and colors. If any of the esteemed buyers can not find the door they are looking for, among the various designs and models available on the site, they can place an order for their favorite door.

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