Cheap Price of Double Security Doors in Shops

Today, due to economic problems and lack of proper law, unfortunately, problems such as theft have become very high, and one of the ways to create security in homes, offices and companies is to install double security doors and secure door to prevent such problems.

Cheap Price of Double Security Doors in Shops

How Do You Install a Double Security Door?

How Do You Install a Double Security Door? First, after opening the package, remove the coding panel and open the back cover. Because this back panel must be mounted on the wall. After selecting a suitable place to install the panel, mark its place carefully and make a hole with a long drill that connects with the panel that is to be placed on the other side of the wall.

From these holes, six-wire sockets are delivered to the back panel. After installing the back panel to the wall, pass the desired six-wire socket through the holes you have made. Now install the socket head to the panel and mount the panel on the plate that you screwed to the wall. Now install the socket head to the panel and mount the panel on the plate that you screwed to the wall.

Do this so that the button on the back of the panel is fully depressed to the screen. Use a piece of paper or cardboard if the button and the screen no longer fit together. Now put the special cap on it and close the screws and on the other side, connect the sockets to the controller panel and connect the relevant wires to the 220V mains and make a hole in the door frame towards the control panel.

If the size of the old door and low security doors that is to be replaced with the anti-theft door fits the ready-made doors, you can easily install the theft double steel security doors on the previous frame. But if they are not the same size, you can order a derby from the company that fits your desired framework. Of course, if the frame is larger, you can easily resize it by welding a few cans. If the dimensions of the old door frame were smaller by up to three centimeters, you can cut a bit of the frame.

Home security doors have become a popular and practical option for many homeowners, companies and businesses. This option is not only economically viable but also very reliable for home security. While many traditional house doors are made of wood, security doors are usually made of iron or steel, which can provide an extra layer of protection for modern residential and commercial spaces.

First you need to measure the height and width of the current door. Also check that your current door frame must be wide and high enough to be able to install the new frame and door. If possible, you should provide a door and frame that match the available sizes. Consider the dimensions from the outside of the frame and from the brick edge of the wall.

What Is the Metal Pole between Doors Called?

What Is the Metal Pole between Doors Called? Choosing a suitable and reliable door on the one hand and its correct and principled installation on the other hand helps us to have a safe place and safely give a safe lock to our home or workplace by closing a suitable lock. Sometimes a home or workplace is under construction, or even an old building may need an anti-theft door. Each of these places must go through the steps to install an anti-theft door, which we will discuss in the article on installing an anti-theft door.

If you have an ordinary door in the building that needs an anti-theft lock, it is better to use the digital locks that are available in the market. The installation of these locks is done in several steps.

Double Security Doors Top Supplier

Double Security Doors Top Supplier You can contact us to provide all kinds of safe security doors so that we can offer you the best and most durable doors at a reasonable price and excellent quality in the most diverse designs and colors, and if necessary, experienced people can install it for you.

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